Rose Gold Oval Opal and Diamond Filigree Ring

Rose Gold Oval Opal and Diamond Filigree Ring

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Product Description

  • Weight 1: 0.04 CT
  • Weight 2: 0.50 CT OPAL
  • Metal Weight: 2 GRM
  • Product Type: Ring
  • Color Stone Shape: Oval
  • Metal: 14K Rose Gold
  • Stone 1: Opal

    Embrace the ethereal charm of our Rose Gold Oval Opal and Diamond Filigree Ring– a stunning blend of intricate craftsmanship and natural elegance.

    This exquisite ring features a mesmerizing 0.50 CT oval Opal, its iridescent beauty complemented by delicate filigree detailing in 14K Rose Gold, with a metal weight of 2 GRM. The result is a jewelry piece that harmoniously combines classic artistry with contemporary allure.

    The Opal's play of colors is truly captivating, drawing you into its enchanting depths. Accentuated by a 0.04 CT diamond, this ring exudes a subtle sparkle that complements the Opal's natural radiance.

    Wearing this ring on your finger is a delightful experience, as it effortlessly adds a touch of elegance to any occasion, from everyday wear to special events. It's not just a ring; it's a testament to your appreciation of artistry and the beauty of nature.