The 6 Steps for Creating Custom Jewelry

The 6 Steps for Creating Custom Jewelry

You can't find the jewelry you're looking to buy? Do you imagine the perfect jewelry piece for you? Perhaps you have a worn-out piece of jewelry that could use a makeover? Adrian Blanco Jewelry Custom Creations can answer all your jewelry questions!

Custom jewelry allows you to be in control! You are the creator and in control of your own creation. You can let your creativity fly with the help of our team.

While it is exciting to have creative control of your jewelry design, you may feel overwhelmed and not know where or how to start.

Adrian Blanco Jewelry are here to help. Here are 6 things that you should know to make your own custom piece.

Book a Free Consultation

To begin your custom design journey, book a complimentary consultation with an experienced designer. During this consultation, you can share your vision and your jewelry designer will gather the materials needed to create a piece that meets your needs. Bring any photos, drawings or screenshots that could help your designer get a better understanding of the look and feeling you are aiming for. This appointment will lead to basic sketches. Your dreams will start to take shape as your ideas become reality.

Be Honest

Once your designs have been approved, it is time for our master jewelers to create your masterpiece. We will transform your sketches into 3D wax models for you to try. The best part? We can also place your chosen stones on top to give the final look and feeling of the piece. The 3D wax models are a good way to visualize how the jewelry piece will be created.

You should pay close attention to this process. You can express your ideas about the design using the 3D models. Do not be shy about your opinions. We do not want you to feel stuck in a situation that makes you dislike the design.

Your Jewelry Designer Is an Expert.

Our custom jewelry designers start the process by using our 3D-wax model. This lets you preview and try your new jewelry. These experts are clearly skilled with this technology. To make any last adjustments, use their knowledge, expertise, and 3D-wax model.

Also, it's important that you love the way your piece feels and looks in this wax replica. This is your opportunity to tell the designer what you want to change. It is important to trust that your designer will accept and consider your feedback.

Watch Your Piece Live

The final stage! From your wax model, we handcraft your metal jewelry. The metal is then textured, detailed, and polished to match the design. After the master gem setter has set each stone perfectly into its setting, a final check will be made to ensure accuracy and quality. The custom-designed jewelry of your dreams will finally be presented to you...

Ask Questions

Even though this may seem like an exciting process, we understand that you might still have a few questions. Here are some frequently asked questions that can help before, throughout and after the process of custom design:

How Much Does Custom Jewelry Cost?

Custom jewelry prices start at $500. Budget is completely up to the customer. The choice is yours! You choose the stone, the material and the complexity that best suits your style.

What Is Feasible?

It's possible to make anything! Create your own engagement ring, necklaces earrings, hairpins cufflinks... whatever you want! Let your imagination run wild with color, gems, or diamonds.

Can a Jewelry Copy a Particular Ring Design?

Both yes and no. We can create universal styles for you in the colors of your choice. The only thing we can't do is make an exact replica of the ring you saw previously in another retailer. Our designer will help you personalize the rings based on your ideas.

Gain Some Perks

Maybe you're ahead of the curve and already have a perfect Adrian Blanco Jewelry Custom Creation. Then we have a wonderful opportunity for you! Bring in Adrian Blanco Jewelry Custom Jewelry and receive a FREE polishing and inspection. 

Here's how it works

While we are cleaning and polishing your jewelry, our technicians will check it for any loose or damaged stones, prongs, etc.

We will photograph and record a video of your Adrian Blanco Jewelry Custom Creation.

Adrian Blanco Jewelry is the place to go if you want to design your own Adrian Blanco Jewelry Custom Creation. If you have used our custom design service before, we can help you make it a reality.

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