Important Things You Should Know Before Buying a Wedding Ring

Important Things You Should Know Before Buying a Wedding Ring

Shopping for an engagement ring is fun! Now that you have found your one, it's time to find the perfect ring. Shopping for an engagement ring can be fun but also confusing, particularly if it's your first time. Here's a list of 10 important things you should know before purchasing an engagement ring.

Setting and diamonds are often sold separately

Many people are unaware that settings and center stones can be purchased separately. When you buy an engagement ring you are often buying two items: the center stone, which is usually a white stone, and the setting, which is the metal framework that holds it.

Some rings come with a pre-set center stone. Many modern jewelers also make pre-set rings. For instance, most antique engagement rings come complete. Jewelers are more likely to sell center stones and settings separately today, so keep this in mind when shopping.

Learn the 4Cs

Before you purchase a diamond, it's important to know the 4Cs. The 4Cs is a quality rating given to a stone. The 4Cs are explained in a short overview:

  • Cut: This is a grading system that determines the quality of a diamond's cut. The better the cut, then more light will be captured.
  • Color: This is a measurement of the colorlessness of a diamond.
  • Clarity: This is a grading system that measures how flawless the diamond is both internally and externally.
  • Carat: This is a weight measurement which can help you determine the size of a diamond.

Jewelers advise that diamond cut should be the first priority

Jewelry experts recommend that you prioritize cut when evaluating a diamond, even though each of the four Cs is important. Why? A diamond with a poor cut will not reflect light very well and look dull.

Shape and Setting Set Style

Your center stone's style and the shape of the diamond will have the biggest impact on your engagement ring. The shape of your center diamond is what you are referring to. Each shape has its own style. The setting of your engagement ring will have an impact on its style. The settings can be vintage, classic, modern, unique and more.

Order in Advance

If you are not buying a pre-set engagement ring, it will take some time for your jeweler to set your diamond into the setting of your ring. Some engagement rings can also take some time to make, as they are only made after you place your order. Order your ring early to ensure you get it by the date of your proposal. Order your ring at least six weeks before the date you want to propose. This will give you enough time to plan. However, consult your jeweler to find out how long it might take to complete your ring.

The "Right" amount to spend is not a fixed figure

You might have heard there is a dollar amount that you should spend on an engagement ring. People often say you should spend 3 months' salary on your engagement ring. There's no "right" price to pay for an engagement ring. Spend only what you feel comfortable with. You should consider your own financial situation when deciding on your budget.

You Can Always Upgrade Later

You can upgrade your ring later if you don't have the budget for a large, flashy one when you are engaged. Upgrades to engagement rings are common for birthdays or anniversaries. If your dream ring doesn't fit your budget, you can upgrade the diamond or setting at a later date.

Learn about precious metals

There are many precious metals available for engagement ring settings. The same style of setting can often be produced in different precious metals. Platinum, white gold and yellow gold are the most popular precious metals used for engagement rings. The style of your ring and the maintenance it requires will be affected by the precious metal you choose.

You Can Go Custom

You can have a custom-made engagement ring made if you cannot find the perfect ring. It's easier and cheaper than you think to create a custom engagement ring. It's worth taking the time to create something unique. You'll end up with a unique ring, like your love for each other.

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